Johan Brand

Founder & partner
Kahoot! & We Are Human
Johan Brand is a creative technology entrepreneur & investor. He co-founded Kahoot!, one of the world’s dominating learning brands, used by millions each day globally.

He was CEO & Board Director of Kahoot!, where he after leading the Series B from Microsoft (M12) and Disney, left day to day operations and became strategic advisor. Under his leadership Kahoot! grew from a research project to company that capture half of US classrooms each month and millions of business users.

His is the Founder & Chief Entrepreneur at EntrepreneurShipOne, a pay it forward platform for the nordic startup community. Currently in partnership with We Are Human & Selvaag developing a 50 000 sqm centre for the green shift new blue economy, in and by the Oslofjord.

As a Founding Partner at We Are Human he creates purpose driven organisations striving for sustainable social and commercial impact. The company partner with startups & big corp and invested in its own IP, including what later became Kahoot! and now the spectacular development of Fornebu Brygge Fjordarium. Johan is a Board Director at Sjø AS the development company of Fornebu Brygge.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, been awarded Founder of the Year at the Norwegian Nordic Startup Awards, Digital Leader of the Year by Financial News and awarded as on of the 100 most influential leaders in EdTech globally.

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