Melissa Mulholland

CEO, Crayon

Melissa Mulholland
22. september
Technology for the Greater Good
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Technology for the Greater Good

The power of technology can move mountains, save lives, and teach a machine how to think. Crayon CEO Melissa Mulholland dives into how big data, AI and the cloud all help to create more sustainable, equitable and impactful solutions.

Melissa Mulholland is the Chief Executive Officer of Crayon, a global leader in providing innovation and services to help companies worldwide leverage the power of technology to drive the greater good.

She is a people-first executive who is passionate about using technology to maximize impact, especially through data and AI.

Prior to Crayon, Melissa spent 12 years at Microsoft, leading strategy and business development worldwide to help businesses be profitable through cloud transformation. She focused on enabling partners and customers to accelerate their business transformation and deliver profitability, efficiency and scale across Microsoft’s Cloud services resulting in over 3 million people skilled and over 100,000 certifications. She has authored 12 books on how to build a successful business in the cloud and is a board member SHE, Europe’s largest gender equality conference.

Prior to Microsoft, spent two years at Intel Corporation, driving a cross-company analysis into the effectiveness of using recycled chips for solar technology, to reduce fixed costs. This work contributed to Intel’s success in ranking as one of the top 10 “Greenest” U.S. companies.

Melissa holds a master’s degree in business administration and strategic management from Regis University and an undergraduate in finance from the University of Portland. Melissa resides in Oslo, Norway with her husband and two children.