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Sheila Eik

Sheila is an Australian designer with over 20 year’s experience in the industry, and is currently working as a UX Designer in Norway. Using her skills in UX Design and her extensive background in Industrial Design, Sheila works to improve the way business’ use the design thinking processes to develop meaningful products.

Her work in Industrial Design has won numerous awards including the Red Dot Award for the Axnes MP50 radio and her focus is on the way teams collaborate to create a successful end product.

In Techpoint Sheila will walk you through the way UX Design techniques can be used to improve workflow and enhance innovation in product development, establishing a deeper understanding of how the design process can help in the way we solve problems and work together to make better products for our end users.

Lene Merethe Liodden

Lene Merethe Liodden er Daglig leder for Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL). Hun er en teknologientusiast, med bakgrunn fra både tekniske og ledende roller innen IT og mekanisk produktutvikling.

Som matematiker med MBA grad, har det vært viktig å danne bro mellom teknologi og forretningsbehov. Hun har et brennende engasjement for MILs Oppdrag – tilgjengeliggjøre teknologi for å sikre og øke arbeidsplasser.

Du kan oppleve Lene Merethe på:
  • Robotteknologi og kunstig intelligens, 14. sep. 13:00 – 15:30
  • Sted: Radisson, Veteranen

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Martin Högenberg

Martin Högenberg – Program Lead for Visual Arena. Martin is a creative innovation leader, helping people, teams and organizations to explore the unknown, and to create a power of people shaping a collective intelligence helping us move into the future. His experiences of using visualizations to influence people by changing behaviour have often been used to shape sustainable lifestyles and services.

Morgan Konnestad

Morgan er førstelektor på UiA med arbeidsområde; Studieprogramleder multimedia, assisterende instituttleder IKT og vise-dekan for utdanning for Fakultet for teknologi og realfag. Han er utdannet Sivilingeniør

Robert Freiert

Robert is a producer working on the development of international film co-productions and multi-platform media projects. A transplant to Denmark from the USA, he has been making film and transmedia through his company, Crash ( for nearly a decade, and has previously managed the Nordic crowdfunding platform,

His company is also a founding partner of the MiXR lab at Filmby Aarhus ( Robert holds a Master’s degree in Creative Business Management from Copenhagen Business School, and has worked as a consultant to senior management at film companies in Copenhagen and Los Angeles.

He also has an extensive business management background, having held several senior management positions in New York and Boston.

Du kan oppleve Robert Freiert på:
  • XR, 14. sep. 09:30 – 11:00
  • Sted: Teateret, Intimscenen
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Martin Hansen

Martin Hansen has 25 years of experience working with HEIs in the areas of pedagogic, engineering, social, business, and the creative industry. He has specialized in developing strategy and new educational programmes within the Cultural and Creative Industries since 2008.

His main activities and responsibilities are market strategy, education development, quality assurance, research- and PhD-programs, developing organizations and their processes and political advising.

Martin participates in various steering committees in VIA and within the educational and cultural sector, and works with other EU initiatives, such as FilmEU – European Universities Alliance for Film and Media Arts.

Co-founder of MIXR  lab (new technologies in the industries of film, TV, games, and animation). Martin has edited and authored anthologies and papers related to education and creative professions. He also has professional experience as musician and composer. Martin holds an MA in music and film and a Diploma of education and management.

Gunnar Maltsev Hansen

Gunnar Maltsev Hansen, has two decades of experience in the metallurgical industry, and is currently working as a Product Owner at Elkem’s corporate digitalization team. Since his early days as a Process Engineer to his current role, Gunnar’s journey has been driven by curiosity for the future and new technology. Along the way he also got a wide base of experience in process improvement, product development, and market support.

Since 2020, GMH has been leading digital initiatives across all Elkem divisions, many of these initiatives focusing on AR/VR/XR, and the value these technologies can unlock. These efforts extend beyond technical solutions as he is passionate about seeing how technology can providing real value to people, and understanding the longer strategic implications of emerging technologies.

At Techpoint 2023, Gunnar looks forward to sharing insights and lessons from his experience with industrial training in Virtual Reality, an area where he believes the technology is sufficiently mature and traditional industries can truly benefit.


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