Signe Jungersted

CEO, Group NAO

Signe Jungersted

"Build Back Better" to "Skill, Hack, Beta"

Throughout the COVID pandemic crisis, we have reimagined how tourism and destinations should ‘build back better’. Would this pandemic disruption be the end of overtourism and the rise of new innovative, more sustainable solutions and more responsible travel?

In her presentation, Signe Jungersted, CEO of Group NAO and tourism/destination nerd, will share her view on what the return of tourism looks like, as well as the trends & transitions of more sustainable tourism, travel and technology moving forward.

Join to hear why Signe believes we should shift our focus in tourism and destination development from “(re)-Build Back Better” to a more experimental, elastic & collaborative approach of “(re-)Skill, Hack, Beta”.

Signe Jungersted is CEO and partner in innovation, idea and strategy agency Group NAO. NAO works with strategic transformation and innovation within the broader experience and visitor economy, including big collaborative projects like Time for DMOcracy with more than 42 global destination partners – an ongoing exploration of participatory approaches and design in destination management.

Signe is formerly Development Director with Wonderful Copenhagen (DMO), where she was lead designer of the strategic shift towards people-centric tourism development and localhood. Signe was also responsible for major innovation and transformation projects, incl. 10XCopenhagen.

Signe holds a master’s degree in Political science, studied Mandarin in Shanghai and has since pursued management education at MIT Boston, Hyper Island Stockholm and is currently completing an MBA in Creative Leadership in Berlin. Signe is on the Board of Museums of Odense City and in 2017, she was selected as among Denmark’s Top 100 Young Business Talents by Danish media company, Berlingske Media.