Didrik Fjeldstad

VP Brand and Marketing, SAS

Didrik Fjeldstad
30. oktober
Hovedsal - Radisson BLU

Travelers transform for the future

A story of how the pioneers of Scandinavian aviation are adapting to the requirements that the next generation of digital marketing transformation demands. For over 70 years SAS have been constantly innovating within the way of operating a network airline that connects Scandinavia to the world. Today’s competitive environment, everchanging consumer landscape and shift in the long term view of what sustainable aviation actually means has required a paradigm shift in how to think, plan and most importantly bring to life agile and efficient future focused marketing that makes a real difference. This keynote will give you a peak into the engine room of marketing transformation by, and for Travelers

Didrik believes traveling makes us better people and that we through more sustainable traveling will better the world. He is an experienced commercial leader and has led global brands within international companies over the last decade. In SAS he is responsible for the global brand marketing department with particular focus on driving digital marketing transformation through new technology, automatization, personalization and new in ways of working. At Sørveiv he will discuss next generation marketing, how to drive customer experience throughout the entire customer journey and what the deal really is with purpose marketing.

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