Gunnar Maltsev Hansen

Product owner

Gunnar Maltsev Hansen, has two decades of experience in the metallurgical industry, and is currently working as a Product Owner at Elkem’s corporate digitalization team. Since his early days as a Process Engineer to his current role, Gunnar’s journey has been driven by curiosity for the future and new technology. Along the way he also got a wide base of experience in process improvement, product development, and market support.

Since 2020, GMH has been leading digital initiatives across all Elkem divisions, many of these initiatives focusing on AR/VR/XR, and the value these technologies can unlock. These efforts extend beyond technical solutions as he is passionate about seeing how technology can providing real value to people, and understanding the longer strategic implications of emerging technologies.

At Techpoint 2023, Gunnar looks forward to sharing insights and lessons from his experience with industrial training in Virtual Reality, an area where he believes the technology is sufficiently mature and traditional industries can truly benefit.


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